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This is a Closed Community for People who Love Haircutting,Head Shaving,Bald Heads,Undercuts,
Bobs,Extreem Bobs,Shaved Napes..ect.

This is for men and women..You know who you are.

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Cecilia [userpic]
Poll Sunday

So, another Sunday, another poll! :) But, the poll creator hates me again, so .....

What is your idea of the Perfect Haircut??

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I was on line by coincidence when your update flashed. So, the perfect haircut?

For me, short. In fact it's as short as she wants to buzz it, when she wants to buzz my head. For her, it's the short pixie, especially if I get to do the honors. Many women wear pixie styles for the convenience. Some do it for a hideen reason that becomes obvious in bed.

That should say it all. 8-)


I have always wanted a perfectly cut Horseshoe flattop.
On a woman..?
I love a good chelsea on a woman. One of the ladies on my friends list has the perfect perfect perfect chelsea.


shoulder lenght blunt cut aline worn straight. brown base with blonde highlights. Oh, and a small very small section of frange. ;)

Perfect Haircut

I have three haircuts that I absolutely adore on women.

1) Shaved bald, completely smooth and bare.

2) Bobbed at the jaw line, with a clippered nape and betty page bangs.

3) A buzz cut with bangs (no, not a chelsea), a longish buzz cut with wispy bangs blended into the top.

As for my own hair, I usually prefer shaved bald, a high-n-tight or some form of buzz cut.

Re: Perfect Haircut

Did I mention that anything on a woman, that isn't shaved bald, should be RED?

The redder, the better. (I don't even care if you can tell that it is obviously dyed red; sometimes that's even better)

Re: Perfect Haircut

I love red hair! My natural highlights are reddish. I also tend to dye it red a lot. I think it's my Irish blood. :D I share your love. I love the little redheaded kids too. They are so cute. I wish my future kids would have red hair. :)

My favorite cut is the one my wife just got on Saturday!! She knows of my interest and preferences. She got a sharp a-line bob that is buzzed with a #2 in the back and slopes to the front so it just covers her earlobes. The stylist cut it with an arch in the back instead of stacking. I feel so lucky that my wife really likes a daring haircut that happens to be my ultimate favorite. My favorite cut to get on myself would be a flat top but I have never had the courage to ask for one. It probably wouldn't suit my hair type anyway.

My idea of a perfect haircut is no certain kind of hairstyle, though I do like short hair a lot(mainly because it looks like crap on me). The perfect haircut to me is anything that makes you feel more beautiful in your own skin and comfortable with your looks. A haircut has such ability to raise your self-esteem and if it does that, it's priceless. Liking what you see in the mirror is my idea of perfection. :)

Buzz Cut

Cleaned off the comb over, buzzed to 3/8 inch. Comments all good so far!