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On A Continuous Basis, We Seek Female Haircut Models
 18-late 30s Yrs Old For Fun, Exciting, Dramatic Haircut Makeovers.

We Are Located In The San Fransisco Bay Area.

We Offer A Free Professional Salon Makeover
PLUS Up To $400 Cash For Each Model.

No Gimmicks, Legit Makeover For Women Who Want A New Look.

See Our Website For More Details And Our Contact Link.

Have you been thinking about going bald?  We can help!  We have over 6 years of head shaving experience! Many women have a fantasy to be shaved by someone who really knows what they are doing, namely Katt or Wolfe, or they have a detailed fantasy that they want to make reality.  We can make it happen.

We are located a short distance from Vancouver, B.C.  We can host photo shoots in our studio, or we can travel up to 3 hours distance to you.  (ie) Seattle, WA, Kamloops, B.C. etc.

The comfort of our models is really important to us, and models will never be asked to do something that makes them uncomfortable.  Many models prefer to meet us for coffee before deciding to do a photo shoot with us, and we encourage this if you have any questions before hand.  Our goal is to capture unique and artistic erotic imagery. Nudity is optional, and depends on your comfort level.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Wolfe and Katt

Cecilia [userpic]

Anyone feel up to adding something to the story?  It's been sitting there ... just waiting for someone to add to it!!

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Coming up fairly soon, a friend of mine will be sitting for me. She is currently sporting a medium-to-long A-line I gave her a month or two back. She's decided she wants to go back to her natural color, to take advantage of how it highlights during the summertime. And she has opted for the quick way: cut off all the color.

I thought I would throw this out there in case any of you know of any particularly nice cuts in the pixie/crop range, possibly with colored tips. Short bobs or chili-bowl-esque cuts might work, too. She has very thick hair, and will have 1-2 inches of her natural roots grown out when we actually do this.

Please keep in mind that she is in a mainstream job, so no really radical, edgy cuts are appropriate.


Found a great photo of the shaving transformation process on Katt's Shaving Blog:

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Undecided [userpic]

So who here actually cuts their own hair
and who enjoys cutting ther own?

I do.

Cecilia [userpic]

The previous part is here ... 

Again, if you want to add to it, just make a post and put 'round robin 2' as the tag.

The next few weeks were a blur for Kristin.  She was still getting things unpacked and trying to find a job.  She was lucky that her parents were helping her until she got on her feet, but she felt bad about them giving her money.  She had a job interview later that day and was trying to find some suitable clothes for the interview.  She quickly got dressed and made her way to the kitchen to fix something fast before she had to leave.  Kristin had just opened the door to leave when she ran into Sarah. 

"Kristin, hey I was hoping you were home," Sarah said with a smile.

"Actually I am heading out for a job interview right now.  What did you need?"

"Nothing really, was just hoping you could help me with something.  But I guess it can wait until you ge home.  You're willing right?"  Sarah asked with a smile.

"Um ... sure I guess.  What was it that you needed help with?"

Someone keep it going ... this is leaving it open for plenty of things to happen.

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hidden1566 [userpic]

"Finished at last," Kristin thought to herself as she carried the last box from the moving van to her new apartment. She had finally moved from her small midwestern town to Boston to start studying journalism.

As she wiped the sweat from her brow, she noticed how utterly soaked her shoulder length red hair was. "Ugh," she said aloud. "Guess I'll be unpacking my shower stuff first." As she rooted through the boxes, trying to find the ones that contained her various hair care products, she heard a knock at her door.

When she opened the door, a young girl, about her age and dressed casually in a tank top and shorts, was standing there. Her jet black hair was back in a tight ponytail, putting even more emphasis on her chunky bangs. "Hi, you must be the new girl, my name's Sarah, I live a few doors over," the young lady said as she offered her hand.

"Hi, I'm Kristin. It's nice to meet you," she replied shaking her hand. Kristin thought to herself "She seems nice, but there's something a little odd that I can't place."

"Cool, I'm sure you've got a lot to take care of, but we can get to know each other better, I just wanted to be polite," Sarah said with a smile. As she turned to leave, Kristin realized what was different about her. The back and sides of her head were shaved completely smooth.

"Wow," she thought as she closed the door. "Nobody back home ever did anything like that with their hair. Guess city life is going to take more getting used to than I thought. Oh well, back to finding my shampoo"

Cecilia [userpic]

All right ... it's Sunday ... and instead of a poll, I thought we might try another round robin story ...

Here's how it will work; I'll give the basic plot idea ... if you want to start it, start a new post with your section of the story ... when someone wants to add to it, make a new post  ...  tag any story post with the tag 'Round Robin 2'

Basic plot idea (given to me by a friend) - A girl from a small town moves to the big city ... moves into an apartment building right next to a girl who is the exact opposite of her ... small town girl is intrigued ... exploration starts

Have fun!!

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Cecilia [userpic]

I think it is time to do another interactive/round robin story .... 

So, if anyone wants to start one up, feel free ... I might start one myself if I don't see anything started by next Sunday ... so think about it!

And yes, I did see the thing about Britney ... I think it was a bold choice, and I'm still on the fence about it ... I think it might be a very good look for her ... we'll see.  I think it really is a cry for help though ...

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papabill_69 [userpic]

I'm shocked!

It's been a whole day and no one has commented on Britney's new style??

The Hair Girl From New York [userpic]

...that the hair community is very divisive?  there are so many of us (probably more than we even know, given the large number of us who are in the closet) with all different interests and ideas.  we want people to be tolerant of us and our fetish.  BUT...we're very intolerant of one another.  i feel that nowhere as strongly as i do on a mens-haircut themed bulletin board i visit every day.  typically, i populate the womens haircutting boards and chatrooms because, well, im a chick.  and since im actually female, which has been confirmed by several independent sources, i receive a warm welcome.  the men who visit these communities are even friendly with one another.  i post and talk with people freely there.  but...im a straight chick.  i want to see guys' haircutting action.  so i have to go to the men's hair sites.  and things are completely different there.  one, the inhabitants of this particular board in question are uber macho and kind of rude to one another.  its like a digital pissing contest.  that, i can handle.  i dont possess the amounts of testosterone that would induce me to participate in that kind of crap.  but...the guys on this board, for the most part, HATE women. they dont want a woman cutting their precious hair.  and they definitely dont want a woman butting into their conversations on the message board, even though im capable of producing a more well written and cohesive thought than most of the members of that board.  im not a jackass.  we all like the same things.  what the fuck is up with this hatred of women?  i understand that a large part of the mens haircutting community is comprised of gay men.  BUT...gay men dont hate women.  the hatred isnt coming from them.  one gay man even confessed that he found women having their haircut arousing, he just liked the clippers no matter who they were used on.  he was FLAMED (excuse the pun) for his viewpoint by the straight men.  in many ways, hair fetishists as a group are feared and misunderstood.  MALE hair fetishists, as i see them, are seen by "normal" women as threatening- vile perverts who want nothing more than to lure them back to their lair with candy and empty promises, then relieve them of their treasured manes (sounds hot to me).  it seems to me that a group so marginalized and misunderstood can little afford to shun and revile one of its own.  i hate that this hatred of women, and ESPECIALLY short haired women (as in a recent poll they all seemed to favor medium to long haired women) has made me one of them.  afraid to speak my mind and be who i am.  in the real world, im an out and proud hair fetishist.  although i dont rub it in peoples faces, i talk about it openly with "tourist" friends, coworkers etc (even college professors knew).  but in the mens haircutting world, im just a lurker, trapped in the closet, afraid of the people who hate me.

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Hi Everybody,
I just wanted to tell You that I was thinking about how I would like my girlfriend to have HER hair cut for the rest of our lives.
All the best,

baldgirl [userpic]

Okay, one bug has been taken care of; now I'm just waiting for the other one to be fixed. That one just deals with the FAQ area. Other than that, people can start adding their profile, visiting the chat rooms and message forum, and etc.


That's at http://www.hairfetishpersonals.com <--- 100% free, no pop-ups, no trackers, no selling of info. :)

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Cecilia [userpic]

I'm taking a break from polls ... Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll post a poll again ... just not feeling it

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baldgirl [userpic]

I'd decided to purchase a dating website software just because the coding is a bit over my head. Since I'm spending some money on this, and I'm not going to charge anyone for it (joining and using the website), can you *please* let me know specific things you'd like on this hair fetish personals website?

Thank you!

ps. For those who don't know, I am making a dating website for those who love bald women and/or bald men, for those who enjoy haircutting and head shaving, and anything else do to with hair. The domain has already been purchased: www.hairfetishpersonals.com

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Cecilia [userpic]

Poll #902169 Hair Movie?

Do you have a favorite movie with a haircute scene?

That is meant to be 'haircut' not 'haircute.'

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Cecilia [userpic]

With the holidays, I was just wondering if anyone had any resolutions for the new year. (No poll this Sunday)

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