Waist length brown hair

1 hey guys I’m 19 years old , female , hourglass figure. I have waist length brown hair talking and cutting my hair turn me on . Talk to me about what you would to to it and you might get lucky ;) my email is samjones199965@yahoo.com

Looking for a guy to cut/shave his hair

Hello everybody,
I'm a 41 years old guy .. and I like so much to play, to comb, to cut hair to other guys (better with medium long hair).
I also like to shave head, as I find it very funny, exiting and restfull at the same time.
I know there are a lot of ways to play with hair, neck and nape (I love to play with the cowlick, in instance).

If somebody is interested to let me play with his hair or like to be shaved, I should be very happy to share this original experience.

I live in Italy but I'm not scared to move and to travel for this good reason.

Write me here or by email .. I should be so happy to answer everybody.

Stay tuned !


Hi all ....are there any ladies around my age in Oklahoma that have a hair fetish and/or want to be bald.... shaved in any way ......I would enjoy talking with the possibility of meeting ...thanks for reading . Simon
  • tkohio

Play with my hair

I'm in the Central Ohio and I love having my hair played with.
The main rule is you can't do anything permanent (we may discus options in the future depending on your skills)

I'll travel most anywhere in Ohio. If you want me to come somewhere else I'll consider it, but you have to pay for it. Let me know if you are interested.