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Hair Fetish :Buzzed to Bald We Love it All.
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1 hey guys I’m 19 years old , female , hourglass figure. I have waist length brown hair talking and cutting my hair turn me on . Talk to me about what you would to to it and you might get lucky ;) my email is samjones199965@yahoo.com

I am looking for a woman in the Philadelphia area who would let me shave her head. If anyone here is interested, let me know.

Hello! I am a black (African) girl with naturally silky & wavy hair. I live on the east coast & Im interested in hair play. Ive already cut it, im not interested in cutting any shorter. If you are interested, please email me at samigtL212@yahoo.com :)

48 year old big guy in Tulsa, OK that's looking to meet a woman that's into having her hair buzzed or shaved. Mutual shaving welcome, too, as I enjoy being shaved. Can contact me at tulsabearchub@gmail.com.

Hello everybody,
I'm a 41 years old guy .. and I like so much to play, to comb, to cut hair to other guys (better with medium long hair).
I also like to shave head, as I find it very funny, exiting and restfull at the same time.
I know there are a lot of ways to play with hair, neck and nape (I love to play with the cowlick, in instance).

If somebody is interested to let me play with his hair or like to be shaved, I should be very happy to share this original experience.

I live in Italy but I'm not scared to move and to travel for this good reason.

Write me here or by email .. I should be so happy to answer everybody.

Stay tuned !

Hi, I am a 28 y.o guy, with a massive hair fetish. I am looking for a guy, from 18 to 40 y.o to cut my hair or shave my head. I live in Dundee, Scotland...

looking for a girl/barberette to discuss buzz haircuts with. i'm 21, male, and in need of a haircut and would like to chat about it. :)

Hi all ....are there any ladies around my age in Oklahoma that have a hair fetish and/or want to be bald.... shaved in any way ......I would enjoy talking with the possibility of meeting ...thanks for reading . Simon

I'm in the Central Ohio and I love having my hair played with.
The main rule is you can't do anything permanent (we may discus options in the future depending on your skills)

I'll travel most anywhere in Ohio. If you want me to come somewhere else I'll consider it, but you have to pay for it. Let me know if you are interested.

lilmissbambi [userpic]

Hi there!!

I'm Bambi...I was wondering if anyone out there would like to roleplay a haircutting scene with me..I'm mostly into humiliation, forced cuts. Hehe Message me if interested

hi i was wondering is anyone interested in cutting my hair or me cutting there hair or i could share pictures of cutting my hair.

barberettelover [userpic]

What's happening? Is live journal a victim of time? This is one of the last bastions of social networking sites that have some anonyminity. Facebook is not an option, after all I like to be able to post without everyone knowing my business. As much as I try to conceal it, my fetish for haircutting, barberettes and hair in general are insatiable' and believe me after many bad relationships I realize that after much correspondence, I'm quite compatible with others (too bad there aren't personal or dating websites exclusively for those that have the same interest). Once I factor in my hair fetish, plus my attraction to modestly dressed women's especially women who prefer their blouses completely buttoned up plus a liking for avant-garde music such as Negativland' and it seems the only people I can openly chat with are those in the hair community as well as a few others that are themed towards my other esoteric hobbies. When I formed this profile, I noticed that most communities haven't been updated in years. Id love to hear from other members in this community.

shin_akuma [userpic]

hello everyone,

i need you girls help. my gf promise me that she would cut her hair short for me.  i would say like a short bob or an aline bob. she knows i love short hair. i was wondering if it suits her and if it does how short? if u have examples please post i need ur help cuz we can agree on how shirt i want her to cut it.


haircuttingfun [userpic]

Hi all!

A video has just been added to the HCF site.  Here's a photo:


The rest of the photos, info, and video preview can be found at:

http://www.haircuttingfunvods.alienyellow.net/index.php?recid= 230&page=37

http://www.haircuttingfunvods.alienyellow.net/index.php?recid= 231&page=37

Have a great weekend!


i am a german man, 38 years, looking for girls/women with very-short cut hair or bald heads...
i just adore women with very-short hair and/or bald heads...
for me, it´s the most-attractive "point" about women, can´t help it..
am looking for your ideas, answers, opinions, replies..
thank you


Where I Am: Germany
How I'm Feeling: awakeawake
Alvaro  de Carvalho Junior [userpic]

 The best of bald woman yahoo group: http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/ElaCareca_3
Join now!!!!

Finally got up the courage to do it.

My conservative co-workers in my corporate environment (I am a receptionist) are quietly unsettled but polite.

Therefore I submit the following to you because I personally adore it and want to be adored back!

I am in my 4os and I seek the company of bald or shaven headed woman who is into hair fetish play -- hair cutting, head shaving possiblly body and eyebrow hair removal. I keep my head shaved and regularly shave smooth and then apply head lube to make the scalp shiny. My name is Jm and my email is ivorytusk1@earthlink.net.

I love the play wit sexy and revealing clothing; I tend toward exhibitionism. I look for this kind of freedom in women who are not afraid to walk in public in very exposing and revealing clothing. But I am expecially looking for a woman who loves her bald head or wants to go bald and stay that way.

Where I Am: NYC
How I'm Feeling: hopefulhopeful
Tunes: Rolling Stones
ADP Invasion [userpic]

Wanted: PHP programmer to work on Super Secret Evil Hair Database. Candidates with flattops preferred.

Bald Beauties is pleased to showcase our newest bald model, Para!  Her first of many photo sets went up today, soon to be followed by great video footage. 

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