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Hair Fetish :Buzzed to Bald We Love it All.
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About Us
This is a Closed Community for People who Love Haircutting,Head Shaving,Bald Heads,Undercuts,
Bobs,Extreem Bobs,Shaved Napes..ect.

This is for men and women..You know who you are.

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desperately seeking... bald women...

i am a german man, 38 years, looking for girls/women with very-short cut hair or bald heads...
i just adore women with very-short hair and/or bald heads...
for me, it´s the most-attractive "point" about women, can´t help it..
am looking for your ideas, answers, opinions, replies..
thank you


Where I Am: Germany
How I'm Feeling: awakeawake
I need a nice short haircut

I'm thinking oh having a nice short cut, maybe shaved at the nape and mid ear length at the sides
I'd like the feel of the clippers
Any nice man out there who would enjoy doing it

Re: I need a nice short haircut

I could do that for you