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Hair Fetish :Buzzed to Bald We Love it All.
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About Us
This is a Closed Community for People who Love Haircutting,Head Shaving,Bald Heads,Undercuts,
Bobs,Extreem Bobs,Shaved Napes..ect.

This is for men and women..You know who you are.

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Looking for a guy to cut my hair or shave my head

Hi, I am a 28 y.o guy, with a massive hair fetish. I am looking for a guy, from 18 to 40 y.o to cut my hair or shave my head. I live in Dundee, Scotland...

your haircut

Hi Eftros
you found the person you are looking for :-)

I love to cut and to shave hair in guys head.
I'm 40 years old.

How long is your hair now ? Do you prefer to be shaved or do you like just a cut ?

Thanks for your post and stay tuned


RE: your haircut

Hi , you are male or female ? Sorry i dont speak english .

Re: your haircut

I am male. You?


I love shaving and buzzing hair I'm 19

Hot! Where do you live?

Me too

I'm a 21 year old guy who is desperate for a shave/haircut meet up. I live in Southampton. Message my email address, jackadmans95@gmail.com

Re: Me too

Hi. I just sent ya an email