Hoping this community is still active

What's happening? Is live journal a victim of time? This is one of the last bastions of social networking sites that have some anonyminity. Facebook is not an option, after all I like to be able to post without everyone knowing my business. As much as I try to conceal it, my fetish for haircutting, barberettes and hair in general are insatiable' and believe me after many bad relationships I realize that after much correspondence, I'm quite compatible with others (too bad there aren't personal or dating websites exclusively for those that have the same interest). Once I factor in my hair fetish, plus my attraction to modestly dressed women's especially women who prefer their blouses completely buttoned up plus a liking for avant-garde music such as Negativland' and it seems the only people I can openly chat with are those in the hair community as well as a few others that are themed towards my other esoteric hobbies. When I formed this profile, I noticed that most communities haven't been updated in years. Id love to hear from other members in this community.

short haircut

hello everyone,

i need you girls help. my gf promise me that she would cut her hair short for me.  i would say like a short bob or an aline bob. she knows i love short hair. i was wondering if it suits her and if it does how short? if u have examples please post i need ur help cuz we can agree on how shirt i want her to cut it.

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Sharla's Crop VOD & DVD now available at haircuttingfun.com

Hi all!

A video has just been added to the HCF site.  Here's a photo:


The rest of the photos, info, and video preview can be found at:

http://www.haircuttingfunvods.alienyellow.net/index.php?recid= 230&page=37

http://www.haircuttingfunvods.alienyellow.net/index.php?recid= 231&page=37

Have a great weekend!


desperately seeking... bald women...

i am a german man, 38 years, looking for girls/women with very-short cut hair or bald heads...
i just adore women with very-short hair and/or bald heads...
for me, it´s the most-attractive "point" about women, can´t help it..
am looking for your ideas, answers, opinions, replies..
thank you

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bald headed or shaved headed woman sought by shaved gentleman

I am in my 4os and I seek the company of bald or shaven headed woman who is into hair fetish play -- hair cutting, head shaving possiblly body and eyebrow hair removal. I keep my head shaved and regularly shave smooth and then apply head lube to make the scalp shiny. My name is Jm and my email is ivorytusk1@earthlink.net.

I love the play wit sexy and revealing clothing; I tend toward exhibitionism. I look for this kind of freedom in women who are not afraid to walk in public in very exposing and revealing clothing. But I am expecially looking for a woman who loves her bald head or wants to go bald and stay that way.
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